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Erica Lauren in I Love Cock

Added on 2017-08-14

I get this all the time. For some reason a young guy will see me and think that I am some delicate flower who doesn’t fuck any more. Boy are they wrong! There is nothing better than being man handled by some cute young stud and being fucked like the naughty lady that I am. Yeah, I’ve been around for a while but that just means that I know what it takes to please a guy who is less than half my age!

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Yes one toy for me is fine, but 2 is for sure, better than one. I have two love holes, below my waist, so I need two toys! What can I tell you, I want one in my asshole and one in my pussy! If there is no cock around, I must make do, and these two toys will do fine!

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Really great pics in this set I must say. This pink lil outfit really looks good on me, if I say so myself! Get your cock out while you look at these hot pics of me! I’m really horny and in the need of a boner but I don’t have one, so I must make due, and do I ever! Absolutely Stunning!

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The only reason I agreed to give this hand job was for the cum that I would get all over my hands, I’m just kidding! I love fat cocks, so I want to take care of this cock. Watch me take this dick out of the paints of this lucky guy. And yes I will stroke it until my hands are full of hot sticky cum!

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The other day I invited Jay Crew over to my place for some deep dick sucking. Well, I just knew that I would need his cock in my pussy after such an amazing blowjob. A few days Jay read my mind, and he was at my place again pumping away in my hot cunt!

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Well, it looks like another rainy day today, but that doesn’t bother me at all. Because I have Jay Crew and his stiff cock to keep my mouth company. I love to wrap my lips around his solid shaft and just suck the daylights out of that thing! I’m sure Jay has a huge load for me deep in his balls.

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I was so proud of Rachael Cavalli, my step-daughter. She has a boyfriend that is having a hard time pleasing her in the sack. But Jovan Jordan will show her how to take a big black piece of meat. And I am gonna teach her everything there is to know about sucking a black cock. This is interracial cock sucking at it’s best!

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Poor Rachael Cavalli. My stepdaughter just started dating this guy who is absolutely wonderful! The only problem is, he has a small cock. Rachael is dying for a big dick and I know just how to get her one. Jovan Jordan has a thick black cock that women dream about and Rachael and I can’t wait to get out lips around that big hunk of black meat!

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I bet you are all worked up and stressed out after a day at work, aren’t you? Well, I bet I know just how to relax you. Just let me get my hands around that thick shaft of yours and stroke it until you can’t take it anymore. Once you pump out that thick load you are gonna feel like a new man. I guess I’m pretty handy to have around the house!

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Today we are doing something a little different. We are shooting in black and white because I love to do something special for my fans. But I’m the same kinky Erica Lauren. You know how much I love it when you are watching me fuck my pussy with a long sex toy. The only way that I can come harder is if you are watching me fuck myself silly.