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Havana Ginger in Welcome To Your Pegging

Added on 2017-06-14

Once I discovered strapons and pegging guys I knew that I had a new mission in life. It is an absolute pleasure to get behind Chad Diamond’s cute little white ass and have him spread his butt cheeks wide open for the fucking of his life. Now, Chad has only one job. And that is to please his mistress. If he does that well then I will gladly butt fuck the shit out of him!

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So, I decided to meet my girl Jenna at the diner to catch up on things. But that twinkle in her eye told me that she wanted something else. That’s when she invited me to her place for a little hang out time. Only I knew what kind of afternoon she had planned and I wanted the same thing. It’s a good thing that I always carry my strap on with me in the car because I was gonna give Jenna’s asshole a real work out this afternoon!

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