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Alura Jenson in DP Dial A Dick

Added on 2015-03-28

So I started to do my cam show today and right away I had a bunch of people on there ready to watch me do my thing. However they didn't want me to do a solo, nope, they kept bugging me for a DP scene! Fuck I don't have any male talent here, not even one guy let alone 2 guys! The people on cam didn't want to hear it though either I do a DP scene or they are leaving, fuck! So I called my good friend Brandy, and she told me to call 1800-Dial-A-Dick. And wow did they cum through, they sent over Tommy Utah and Gianni The Plumber in record time. And my fans got what they wanted, a hot DP scene! Thanks 1800-Dial-A-Dick!

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