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Kate Frost in Sucking Tits

Added on 2017-12-29

There is a sure fire way to get me horny and in the mood. And Alexis Jolee knows exactly how that’s done. Alexis’s tongue makes me want to cum the second she starts sucking on my heavy hitters. She is always checking out my chest in public and now she has the chance to lick and suck them all night long.

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If there is one thing that Alexis knows how to do really well it’s getting my hot cunt ready for a good fucking. Unfortunately, we don’t have a sexy well-hung man around but we do have a big thick dildo that won’t go down until we are both pleased and satisfied.

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So when Alexis Jolee and I decided to get a hotel room I thought that we would have a great time, but she just wanted to watch tv. Well, I was seriously horny and the only thing that I could think about was getting between her legs. After shaking my gorgeous tits in her face the tv was off and we spent the rest of the night happily fucking each other's brains out.

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Alexis Jolee absolutely loves my body. She loves to touch me and it feels so good! I love the way her tongue hands feel when she touches me. Alexis is so gentle and soft with her touch. And the way she kisses me send me over the top, I swear I could do a thousand scenes with Alexis!

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Whenever my pussy is craving a long cock with a huge girth I always go looking for Jovan Jordan. His cock must be at least 10 inches long and his girth must be 5 inches or more, which is fucking big trust me LOL! And there are some chicks out there that can’t handle what Jovan is packing but not me. My pussy needs a good stretching and he has the equipment that can satisfy my horny desires. Jovan and his gigantic dick has met it’s match, every last inch of his huge, long, wide rod!

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