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Amy Brooke in Horny Hardcore

Added on 2017-07-10

Getting into this business I knew that I was going to live out some of my horny and perverted fantasies. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get fucked and ride a cock! The porn biz is full of horny hung guys just waiting to go to town between my legs. And I love laying back and spreading my pussy for all that wonderful cock!

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I love MMA! I also love it when guys fight over me. The bigger the brawl the wetter I get. And in this fight Tj Cummings is the victor. He was ready to sweep me away to his room but I wasn’t having any of that. I was so horny for his cock that I had him fuck me right there in the ring! There is something about getting it on in the cage that adds an extra thrill to getting fucked hard!

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I’m one of those foot fetish kind of girls. I love the feeling of a big stiff cock sliding between my feet. Getting that dick throbbing hard and getting my pussy slick and wet is all part of the fun! But the absolute best part is when my man squirts his sticky load all over my toes and I get to lick all that delicious cum up.

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Isn't Brandy Taylor fucking hot!?! I love this girl and her fucking hot body. She has big natural tits, and a hot face and body! We have on our cowgirl outfits and we are going to have some fun for you to see. Download these pics and enjoy them forever! I had so much fun with Brandy, she has a great fucking body, and she seemed to love mine as well!

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I just bought this red Bikini, do you like it? Now that it's summer, it's so hot out, I figured I'd buy myself a new bikini, to wear down to the pool. I wanted to show you first though, do you like it? I have to show you wan't underneath it too. Do you like that as well? I wish you were here to slide this bikini off and lick my asshole and nipples. But since your not just imagine doing that to me, and I bet you will cum!

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Hi all, hope you enjoy this video, I shot a while back. It's a hot solo that's for sure, as I pull out 2 toys, one for my pussy and one for my asshole. All this while I'm in front of a mirror playing with myself hard for you love! Take that cock of yours out of your pants and start to jerk it and while I have fun with myself! And please cum when I do!

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I'm here with 2 other sexy friends of mine, Brandy Taylor and Tanner Mayes. We are here to show off our sexy bodies, dance a bit, have some fun together and promote! Watch this hot HD video as we do all those things for you to watch. is great, tons of great porn and lots and lots of pornstars!

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Kenny is just sitting on the couch waiting, for Tanner Mayes and I. He is worried about being late, the 3 of us are suppose to go out, but Tanner and I have other ideas! Watch has we have Kenny's pants off and cock out in record time. Why not fuck around before you go out, then if you are horny later in the night you can fuck again, instead of just fucking once! hehehe

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Ok this is one of my best photo sets ever, without a doubt! Again I am on a staircase and I have on these hot fuck me red high heel shoes. Check out this fucking Steel toy I have, you know what I'm going to do with it don't you? Jam it up into my pussy real good for you!

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Nothing like getting pics taken when your in the bedroom feeling really hot and horny. Check out these great pics of me, showing off my rear end, my nice tits and long sexy high heel boots. Now fuck me from behind as I take all of your cock in my pussy and asshole! Isn't that a hot thought, I'm waiting for you!