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Kate Frost in Getting Worked Up

Added on 2017-01-04

There is definitely a way to get my boyfriend hot and horny. And that is having him watch me and my girlfriends Alexis Jolee and Carmen Valentina munch away at our hot cunts while he strokes his cock. And after he has gotten nice and hard, my girlfriends and I are ready to go to town and suck that fat prick till it shoots all over us!

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I know that you guys love to look at my huge knockers and tight little butt. And I love to show my body off to you guys while you're stroking your cock. At least I hope you're jerking your cocks! It makes me so fucking horny knowing that you're getting off looking at me masturbating.

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What better way to clean up after a foursome than to jump in the shower and do it all over again. Well, Carmen Valentina and Alexis Jolee are down of course. Fucking in the shower is so much fun because everyone is wet and slippery. Everything just slides right in. It’s also great getting hit by a big load of cum, while the hot shower water is coming down on you at the same time!

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I just couldn’t help myself when I saw Davida wearing the little school girl outfit. Her ass looked so cute in that short skirt that I knew I wanted to dive down between her legs and munch on her cunt. Of course Davida knows her way around my pussy and clit and can make me cum super hard!

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It's time for some real fun! Me and my girlfriends Alexis Jolee and Carmen Valentina love having foursomes and this lucky guy better bring his A game today because we are hot horny and down to fuck all night! If you're gonna bang three hot babes you better do it right.

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So my girlfriend Carmen Valentina had the great idea to buy a strap on. I can’t believe that we never thought of this before because it felt so good to ride that dildo deep in my pussy while Carmen thrust into me! Looks like we’re gonna have a wild weekend.

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If there is one thing that I absolutely love it’s sucking a cock. There is something about a big dick hitting the back of my throat that gets me in a horny mood. And I know that I am about to get my sticky reward all over my face and giant tits! Hope you enjoy watching this hot POV!

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I’ll admit I have a killer body, big tits, nice ass and I am not shy about showing it off either. It drives men crazy when they see me wearing fishnet stockings and playing with my gorgeous tits and fat ass. I love to masturbate in front of the camera and get off with you guys watching. I told you I wasn’t shy.

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Whenever I get together with my girlfriend Carmen Valentina I know that I am in for a horny fuck fest. Carmen knows how to play with my pussy and tease my clit in the right way and I sure know my way around her tasty twat as well. We are quite the match in the sack!

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You know that when I get together with my girlfriends Carmen Valentina and Alexis Jolee you guys are gonna be in for a real treat. We are sexy and horny and have insatiable sexual appetites that we are going to fulfill all night long.