Erica Lauren in Hot French Cock Sausage

Added on 2013-05-20

So I am away on business and decided to stop off at this 50s themed diner in town where I am staying. I am so hungry what a long day. After waiting a few minutes for my waiter he comes and takes a drink order. Since I am at a retro type diner why not a strawberry shake. By the way my waiter is really cute and I already got his name, its Jesse. Now its time to order and I have no idea what to get, all I know is I want meat, and I am really hungry. Jesse explains they have really good sausage and I tell him to pick one and bring it to me. Well he brings over the biggest sausage on the menu, his very own huge French Sausage. Just what I wanted a huge cock sausage for a hungry lady, watch as I devour it all.

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