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Added on 2012-10-30

I want to do whatever cock tells me to do. I want to be chained, wiped and dick wiped! I want to get fucked in every hole and treated like a fucking whore! So as I'm twirling around on me sex bed, in comes Christian with his already hard cock ready to take me over. He starts by grabbing my dirty ass, then licks my filthy asshole with his long tonnage. Then its on to cock service as I take his long shaft down my puke hole. Then its time to fill in my dirty asshole with his cock! Christian fucks me so good then chums all over my face with is anal hunting cock!

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I can't fucking believe it someone stole all my shit! Fuck! Just as I was in the middle of being very upset along comes the fucking creep that did this to me! He was in my fucking house & I didn't even know it! OMFG! So what happens next is really unbelievable, he orders me to have filthy nasty sex with him. I orders me not to dare look at him, but I secretly did & being the crazy slut I am I was fucking down with it! Watch as this burglar totally violates my every hole! I get gagged, bagged, fucked & sucked in this great hardcore scene! This creep can break in my house anytime, hell next time I'll even leave the door wide open for him!

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Whenever these 2 young rods are lurking around my producers set they are always trying to get into my panties. Always talking shit how one day they will both fuck me on camera! Well on this day they got there fucking wish! Watch as they thrown my filthy ass down on the bed and bang me, fuck me, and choke me with their hard young cocks! Would I do it again with these 2 filthy animals? Well yes of course! LOL! If you are looking for the typical porn scene with interview first, forget it! It's hardcore nasty action from the very start to the very fucking filthy finish!

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My daughter used to be such a good girl. That was until she started going out with this guy named Jason. He claims that he hypnotized her, but that stuff doesn’t work, right? Jason said he hypnotized me but all I can remember was getting very sleepy and waking up very fucking horny. I’m not really sure what happened but after I woke up my pussy was soaking wet and my asshole felt very stretched out. Maybe I’m a raging anal whore just like my daughter and I don’t even know it.

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Oh master, I have been a bad, bad girl. I deserve to be abused, cause I’m a dirty fucking slut! That’s right, I’m a big fitted, cum guzzling whore! Oh master what do you do to bad sluts like me? Fuck em really hard right? Well I’m going to fuck myself with these toys I have here today. Watch me whip myself, watch me gag myself, and watch me shove this big black fucking dildo cock into my asshole, cause I have been a bad fucking girl, master! Thank you master, for letting me be a good girl for you!

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Hi honey thanks for coming over today. It’s good you did cause I’m feeling really horny and really nasty! Just look at my black top my tits are just dying to cum out! And my black stockings you like them? Am I enticing you? You must like what I’m wearing cause I see a bulge in your pants! Go ahead take that bulge out and watch what I’m going to do in this exclusive set called The Ultimate Stretch! You will know why this set is called that after you watch this video!

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This set only has a few new exclusive picture of me, but I thought you may want to see me, and how I look now! Look at my fucking boobs! Imagine your cock ramming in out of them till you shoot your load right across these big fucking Boobalicious Boobs! I want you to fuck these tits till you cum. My tits will serve your cock every fucking day! Shot your load in my cleavage, on my boobs and into my nipples I don’t care, cause I fucking love it!